Speaking on EQ Roundtable 4: Leveraging your EQ data pools to extract additional pre- and post-trade insights

Frans, serving as the Head of Trading at PGGM, oversees a diverse trading desk encompassing Equities (EQ), Fixed Income (FI), and Currency markets. Currently managing a team comprising of 3 EQ traders, 3 FI traders, and 2 FX traders, he is in the process of expanding the team to 10 traders through a talent program for graduate traders. Looking ahead, Frans envisions a future where automation plays a more significant role, expecting a reduction in the need for traders over the next 5 years. Inspired by the Bloomberg (BBG) model, he acknowledges the advanced state of automation and data in Equities compared to other asset classes. Frans plans to prioritise automation in Equities, followed by Fixed Income and currencies, recognising the need to catch up, especially when compared to hedge funds.