2024 Agenda

27 June 2024 | Woolwich Works

Whether you are a cross asset trading technologist or a single asset senior trader, the CMX agenda is designed to give you the power to pick and choose your asset class cohorts and sessions that are most applicable to you.

The agenda (scroll to view full agenda below) will include formats synonymous with The Finance Hive, with asset class specific streams consisting of masterclasses and roundtables (all of which operate under Chatham House Rule, no press or attribution in these areas) – overarched with plenary sessions that are collective critical challenges to the three asset classes we cover – FI, EQ and FX, alongside a new stream dedicated to Head Traders covering all three asset classes:

8.00 – 8.50: CMX Doors Open- Registration and Badge Collection

Join for morning refreshments in the Exchange

Main Stage
Hear from cutting-edge industry leaders during exclusive, 20-minute CMX talks or our panels with a representative from each part of the trading value-chain for sessions across all asset classes, or to an asset-class specific cohort to provide critical industry updates as a market pioneer.

Asset Class Specific Roundtables
Our roundtables are moderated by an industry leader, facilitating a group conversation amongst 8-10 buy side, designed to help drive forward key market structure and technological initiatives. They operate under Chatham House, allowing for an open dialogue and free flow of ideas in a trusted setting.

CMX workshops
Private sessions led by an industry thought leader in a particular field, designed to educate and enhance knowledge in a particular area of the industry. Each workshop is open to 12-15 buy side attendees to promote an open interactive learning experience.

Buy side 121 meetings
Want a more tailored, intimate experience- speak to a member of the CMX team who are on hand to organise dedicated 20 minute 121 meetings on the day. The 121 meeting concierge service is available to all buy side.